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Instagram starts showing ads – PCforAll

Facebook-owned Instagram announced yesterday that the service will introduce ads to US users within the next few months. The ads will be displayed both as images and videos.

However, it is not clear when the ads will start appearing in other parts of the world.

The goal, according to Instagram, is to create ads that feel natural on the service’s image feed and that are relevant to users. The service now reportedly has 150 million users.

Instagram was bought by Facebook last year for one billion dollars, equivalent to SEK 6.3 billion. The service is said to have no own revenue at the moment.

This summer, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated in an interview that it is very possible that Instagram may start showing ads.

– Right now we are focusing on increasing the number of users on Instagram. However, we expect to make a lot of money from the service in the future, and it will probably be through advertising, Mark Zuckerberg stated in July.

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