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Indeed: Find your next job

Indeed.com is a huge job site located all over the world. Their slogan is “one click, all jobs”. And in the company’s app Search for jobs There really is a lot to be had when it comes to job postings.

You write what you want to work with (for example, controller, physiotherapist, baker…) and enter a city, county or postcode. In a second, you get up-to-date advertisements that can be anywhere from a few minutes to several days old (if there are any jobs at all where you are looking). The app automatically saves your most recent searches and you can choose to receive emails about when job titles you applied for become available.

When we test in Stockholm, for example, we get 489 hits on controller, 164 hits on babysitter and 15 hits on editor. Corresponding meetings in Växjö were four at controller, one babysitter and two editor jobs.

You can also change the country in your searches and reach ads in Norway or the USA, yes, almost the whole world.

Price: Free

Download here for Android

Download here for iPhone

Before you download an app, remember to read the box about what information on your mobile the app gets access to. If it sounds unacceptable, it may be wise not to install the app. Also feel free to take a look at the user reviews.

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