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Ikea Wireless: How to control the lights with Google Home

Smart lighting has been the big technology buzzword of recent years. What it’s about are lights that can be controlled via an app on the mobile phone.

In its simplest form, you just use your mobile as a remote control, but there are also more advanced functions: You can, for example, turn off all the lights automatically when you leave home, turn them on when the sun goes down or slowly increase the lighting when you wake up in the morning. If you choose a lamp with color, you can also switch between subdued cozy lighting and a bright work light.

Philips has long dominated the market with its Hue system, but two years ago Ikea launched the challenger Trådfri. Suddenly you could get started for just a 500 note. Recently, the Trådfri series was also supplemented with a power outlet so that you can control things other than lights.

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Even with the voice

In its standard version, Ikea Wireless is controlled with its own app, but nowadays you can also connect it with voice-controlled assistants such as Google Home. Doing this has two advantages:

The most obvious is of course the voice control. By connecting Wireless with Google Home, you can turn it on and off with voice commands. The only thing needed is a mobile phone or tablet with Android or IOS.

If you have the Google Home smart speaker, you don’t even need to start an app to control the lights. It is enough for you to say, for example, “Hey Google! Turn on all the lights” straight out into the air.

The other advantage is that you can combine Ikea lamps with competitors such as Philips Hue. Regardless of brand, you can turn all lights on and off via one and the same app – or via one and the same voice commands. If you want to do more advanced things, however, you have to use the manufacturers’ own apps.

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Step by step: How to connect the gadgets


1. Install

Install the app Ikea Wireless via Google Play Store or App Store. Open it and you will receive instructions on how to connect your Ikea gateway to the router and power outlet. You then connect the app to your gateway by scanning a qr code on its underside.


2. Add

Once your gateway is installed, add your lights. How you do it varies, but the app’s installation wizard guides you. To later supplement with more Wireless gadgets, you choose Settings, Manage devices and clicks on the icon with a +.


3. Change the name

In order for the voice control to work smoothly, it is smart to change the name of the lamp to something that suits your needs. You do that by pressing on Settings, Manage devices. Tap the three dots to the right of your lamp and select change name.


4. Integrate

You connect Trådfri to Google Home via Settings, Integrations in the Wireless app. Press Google Assistant, Activate and confirm that your Google Home device is up and running continue. Select the correct Google account if required and the confirmation will appear You are logged in.


5. Open Google Home…

You do the last step in the Google Home app. (Read more this spring getting started guide to Google Home). Open the app and select add, Configure device. Tap the icon to the left of Have you already configured then a long list appears.


6. … and link

Scroll down to Wireless and tap to select it. Read the instructions, tick the checkbox and confirm with Confirm. Select your Google account if requested and the linking will start. After a while, the Ikea lamp appears in the Google Home app.


7. Move the lamp to the right room

If you already use Google Home for other gadgets, such as smart speakers or Philips Hue lights, you’ve probably created different rooms. In this way you can say, for example Turn on all the lights in the living room.

By default, your new Ikea lamp doesn’t fit in any room, but that’s easy to fix. Just open the Google Home app and go to the bottom and you’ll see your new lamp under the heading In the home. Tap on it and select Add to a room. Select the correct home (if you have several) and then Move device. You can now choose the right room and confirm the choice with Next.

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