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Human Japanese: Enjoyable language course teaches you Japanese

Human Japanese is the language course that tries to create a personal and “human” appeal. The text is light without becoming flamboyant and the tempo feels calm and pleasant. The app consists of 40 lessons, some information about Japanese culture, a number of exercises linked to the lessons and an encyclopedia where you can look up language-related terms. You can have words and phrases read aloud, see how to write different characters and do exercises by, for example, ticking the right option and playing memory.

Price: SEK 75 (Iphone) / SEK 63 (Android) / SEK 79 (Windows Phone)

Download here for iPhone and iPad.

Download here for Android.

Download here for Windows Phone

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Before you download an app, remember to read the box about what information on your mobile the app gets access to. If it sounds unacceptable, it may be wise not to install the app. Also feel free to take a look at the user reviews.

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