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How to use Google’s calendar in Outlook

You probably know that it is possible to read Gmail e-mail in Outlook, both in the Windows program and in the web client, otherwise you can read more in this guide. But did you know that it is also possible to import Google Calendar?

Google Calendar works with all desktop and web-based email clients, and Outlook can connect to all types of email services. So it is natural that data can be synchronized between the two.

Outlook is incredibly versatile, with lots of features beyond email management, and is available as both an email service and a desktop application. To both, you can connect other e-mails that are not from Outlook and not from Microsoft. Above all, it is very practical to have access to everything in the same place.

And you can do exactly the same thing with the calendar function. And if you just want to add events from Google Calendar to Outlook, but don’t want to add the email account, you can do that too. We show how it is done in Outlook in Windows, but it works similarly in the web client.


1. Open Google

Sign in to your Google account on the web and go to the calendar. Click the three dots next to your calendar in the column on the left and select Settings and sharing.


2. Integrate

Scroll down to the heading Integrate calendar. Locate the field Secret address in iCal format. Click the Copy icon on the far right to copy the address to the clipboard.


3. Open Outlook

Open Outlook. Choose Account settings in Filemenu and then Account settings again. Switch to tab Internet calendars and click on New. Paste and click add.


4. Select calendars

Enter a folder name if you want and close with OK. Now you can switch to the calendar view and tick all the calendars you want to view. You see them in panels next to each other and can manage them as usual.

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