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How to upgrade to Windows 8 – step by step

Windows 8 is here! After months of waiting, Microsoft launched its new operating system at the end of October, and it offers a lot of news. The biggest change is that Windows has been fundamentally rebuilt to fit tablets and touchscreen computers. Simply put, this means that Windows now exists in two modes. If you choose the regular desktop mode, everything works as before, but if you switch to the touchscreen mode, you get a completely different interface.

Just like Android and iPhone, Windows 8 has a built-in store. Here you can download apps, i.e. small programs that are either cheap or free.

upgrade windows 8Beneath the surface of Windows 8, there are also more or less important changes that can be both good and bad for you. In other words, for many it is time to update, while others are wiser not to. Read more about this this spring large upgrade guide.

Cheaper than ever
Previous Windows updates have been both expensive and cumbersome. You have had to go to the store and buy an upgrade package for over a thousand kroner.

Windows 8, on the other hand, is significantly cheaper. If you have a computer with Windows XP or later, you can arrange the upgrade yourself online for under SEK 300. This offer is valid until January 31 next year. If you have recently bought a computer, you can get an even better offer. Check with your computer retailer or at www.windowsupgradeoffer.com.

If you’re concerned that your computer doesn’t meet the minimum requirements, don’t worry. Before you take out the wallet and start the installation, a tool is run that analyzes the computer and reveals whether it works to upgrade.

If you are not sure how to do it, you will find a detailed guide to the entire upgrade if you click Next below (Page 2).

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Quick Guide – Windows 8 Installation
Difficulty level: Average.
Program: Windows 8.
Time: 1 hour.
This is what you need:

  • A computer with Windows XP or later.
  • A broadband connection.

This is what you will learn:

  • How to check if your computer can handle Windows 8.
  • Buying an upgrade to Windows 8.
  • This is how you control your upgrade.

Step by step: Upgrade Windows

upgrade windows 8
1. Download the file…
When you install Windows 8, you can choose to keep all old files, but just to be safe, you should still start by backing them up. Things can always go wrong during an installation. Read more in our article at pcforalla.se/flytt.

When it’s done, you enter the windows.microsoft.com and clicks on Download and buy, Buy Windows 8. Select the button Download Pro for SEK 279 and save the file to your hard drive.

upgrade windows 8
2. … and check the computer. Double-click the file Windows8-UpgradeAssistant then a program starts that analyzes whether your computer can handle an upgrade. You may need to agree to some warnings before it starts. When the analysis is complete, you can click on View compatibility information to find out what is causing the problem. As a rule, you will also receive a number of warnings here, and this is not always a problem. However, pay attention to whether the warnings apply to, for example, the printer, important programs or something else that you depend on.

If you don’t want to install Windows 8, just close the window. If, however, you want to continue, click on Next.

upgrade windows 8
3. Select the installation method. You now get an opportunity to choose what you want to save. Choose Windows settings and personal files, Personal files only or Nothing. The first option means the least work afterwards, while the last means you get a completely new system.

upgrade windows 8
4. Place your order. Now you get an opportunity to buy Windows 8 Pro. You do that by clicking on Order. If you have a slow connection and want the program on DVD, you can order it for an additional SEK 135 by ticking the box, but otherwise just click on Cash. You can now fill in your billing address and email address and then click on Next. Note that the input field is quite sensitive. For example, you must enter the postal code with a space after the first three digits.

upgrade windows 8
5. Pay online. It is now time to pay, and you do so by clicking on Choose a payment method. You can choose between Credit card and Paypal. Select credit card, fill in card details and click Next. If you have received an offer code, enter it in the next window, otherwise choose I accept the conditions and clicks on Buy.

upgrade windows 8
6. Download home. You will now see your product key on the screen. Save it – you may need it in the future. You will also receive it via email. click Next then Windows 8 will start downloading. The file is two gigabytes, so this may take quite some time. Should something happen, you can start the download again by clicking Download Windowswhich has been saved to your Desktop.

upgrade windows 8
7. Start installing… The download will soon be ready and you will then have three options to choose from: Install now, Install by creating media or Install later from the desktop. Select the first one and click Next. Now the installer will start downloading updates and when it is done you will be asked to accept the license terms by ticking the box and choosing Accept.

upgrade windows 8
8. … and complete it. You will now see a summary of your selections. If you want to change your mind, click on Change the selectionotherwise click on Install. This is quite a time-consuming process and the computer will restart several times.

upgrade windows 8
9. Set up. When the installation is complete, the wizard starts Adapt. First you get to give the computer a name and choose color scales. Confirm with Next and select your wireless network (or click Connect to a wireless network later). You can now make some more settings. To accept the default selections, click Use default settings otherwise you choose Adapt.

upgrade windows 8
10. Log in. You finally get a chance to control the login. The easiest way is to use the Hotmail or Live address you already have. You can also choose Register a new email address.
Enter your email address and click Next. Enter password and other security information and click Next. Now your account is created, and in the meantime you will see a video showing how the basics of Windows 8.

It is also possible to choose Sign in without a Microsoft accountbut you will not benefit from Microsoft’s cloud services, calendar and other functions that require a login.

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