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How to tag faces in your photo albums


Something I really miss from Picasa is facial recognition combined with collages and slideshows. It was ridiculously easy to achieve.

I hope my existing installations of Picasa don’t stop working.



Yes. Many of us miss Picasa, which Google removed earlier this year.
The closest we can get is Microsoft’s Photo Gallery program. Like Picasa, it includes tools to both organize and edit your photos, and you can create collages as well as slideshows.

The photo gallery, like Picasa, has a face recognition feature. You use it by selecting an image and clicking the button Personal tag. Now a window opens on the right, and you can specify who it is in the picture.

If you are signed in to the Photo Gallery, names from your Windows contact list will automatically appear. Otherwise, just start writing a name and choose Add new person. Now Photogallery’s facial recognition starts, and if all goes well, the program will find other photos of the same person.

To then search for people, click on the tab searchand chooses People to do your search. You can also search for images where several people are included in the same image. You do that with the buttons And and Or.

In theory this works great, but in my experience Picasa’s face recognition worked better.

The Photo Gallery used to be included with Windows, but now you can download it for free at surftips.se/photogallery. Microsoft has stopped developing it, but it still works well under Windows 10

Martin Appel, PC for All

Tag the Photo Gallery 1
Familiar face. The photo gallery can let you tag people you see in the picture.
Tag Photo gallery 2
Once you have tagged a person in the Photo Gallery, it is easy to find pictures of them.

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