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How to order home delivery of food in Google Maps

When more and more of us stay at home, forced by the nasty coronavirus, it is important to invent things to make life work and life to be a little more pleasant. When you can’t go to a restaurant, you can at least eat restaurant food at home and not be limited to home cooking.

It also means that you support your local eateries, which are having a difficult time.

Those of us who want to help support our local businesses during the current stay-at-home recommendations now have an easier way to find them. Google Maps has recently been updated with both pick-up and delivery options in the local map view.

Google Maps
  1. Just launch Google Maps on your phone and look under the search bar.
  2. You will see two new buttons. Press Collection for restaurants in the immediate area that allow you to come and collect your food (hopefully with safe procedures) and on Driving home for those who even deliver your food to you.
  3. Then go ahead and use Google Maps as usual from there.

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