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How to create professional covers for the report

In previous versions of Word, it was unnecessarily complicated to create beautiful cover pages for your documents. For example, to be able to use other page margins on the cover page, you had to insert section breaks. In Word 2007, it has become much easier.

By using one of the 15 included cover page templates, a couple of mouse clicks is all it takes to create a truly professional document, at least in appearance…

To insert a cover sheet in Word 2007, start by clicking the Insert menu tab.

Next, in the Pages ribbon, click the Cover Sheet option. In the gallery that appears, select the desired option. Then it’s just a matter of adapting the information so that it matches your data.

How to insert a stylish cover page in Word 2007

1. SELECT THE INSERT MENU TAB. Inserting a cover sheet in Word 2007 is very easy. It’s just a matter of finding the right menu tab.
To insert a cover sheet, you therefore start by clicking on the Insert menu tab.

2. SELECT COVER SHEET. In the Pages ribbon, click
then on the Cover Sheet option. In the gallery that appears select
your desired option. In our example, we want a simple look and therefore choose the Sideline option.

3. USE THE FIELDS. In the cover sheet there are ready-made fields that you use to enter information. For example, you click in the field Enter the title of the document to enter the title
on the document.

4. ENTER THE DATE. Use the other fields to enter any subheading and company name. When you click on the date field at the bottom of the cover page, a small calendar opens that makes it easy to insert the desired date.

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