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Hidden code in Skydrive can be new music player

Tech blog Liveside reports finding hidden code on Microsoft’s Skydrive.com that suggests a web-based music player is in the works. Liveside also claims to have found images depicting internal tests by Skydrive.com.

If the information is correct, it means that you can play the music files you upload to Skriver directly in the browser. Most likely, the music player will also be integrated with Microsoft’s new music service, Xbox Music.

xbox music

The increasing use of cloud services has meant that users have become accustomed to accessing their files regardless of where they are. Considering that Skydrive works on several platforms such as Windows, Mac, IOS and Android, it would be a natural development that Skydrive can also be used to play music files.

Both Amazon and Google offer solutions that allow users to upload their music and then stream it on a variety of platforms and devices.

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