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Here’s Oakley’s answer to Google’s super glasses

At the beginning of April, Google showed off a new project that the company calls Project Glass. The idea of ​​the project is to create a pair of glasses that can be used to replace a smartphone using augmented reality. According to Google, the company hopes to release a finished product before the end of the year.

Now it turns out that Google is not alone in its plans for smart glasses. In an interview with the newspaper Bloomberg, the CEO of the sunglasses manufacturer Oakley, Colin Baden, reveals that the company is working on a similar project.

– As a company, we have been struggling with this idea since 1997. Everything happens in front of your eyes and the closer we can bring the information to your eyes, the faster consumers will adopt the platform, says Colin Baden to Bloomberg.

According to Bloomberg, Oakley first planned to invest in glasses for athletes and the military, but has now seen the benefits for consumers as well.

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Oakley has previously released sunglasses with a built-in mp3 player and headphones. It has also previously been rumored that the company is planning a new model that is powered by Android and has support for 3g and GPS receivers.

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