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Here’s Facebook’s new app for celebrities

Recently, Facebook has released several new apps that offer niche functions on the social network. For example, Paper is an app that shows Facebook in a news format and Slingshot is Facebook’s alternative to Snapchat.

Now Facebook has released another app called Mentions. However, the app is aimed at celebrities so they can keep track of what is being said about them on Facebook.

Facebook Mentions

The app resembles the standard Facebook app, but has additional features to see trends and comments from those who follow a certain celebrity. With Mentions, Facebook hopes that celebrities become more active on the social service and are more active among their followers.

Currently, Mentions is only available to those who have a verified Facebook Page in the US. According to Facebook, the app will be available in additional countries in the coming months. But only for people with a verified profile or page, writes The Next Web.

Mentions are so far only available for IOS.

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