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Here you wake up the Windows secret administrator

In Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 there are three different types of user accounts. The standard account is limited and cannot make changes and launch all programs – it is often used for children. The administrator account has all rights, but still needs to approve certain actions before they are performed. It is usually called an unelevated administrator and is sufficient in most contexts.

But there is also a hidden administrator account with elevated privileges. It has the right to do everything without questions and is disabled by default. Do this if you want to activate it in a Swedish Windows.

administrator account1. Find Command Prompt in the program menu, right-click and select Run as administrator.

2. Write net user administrator /active:yes and pressure Return.

Log out or switch users, and you’ll see the new account on the login screen. There is no password. Log in now and create a password if you are going to use this account! Otherwise, it poses a huge security risk.

To deactivate the account again, do as above, but type net user administrator /active:no.

administrator account
Enable the administrator. With a short line in the Command Prompt, you activate Windows’ built-in administrator account. In an English Windows, type oi instead of ö.

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