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Here you fix USB ports that are causing problems

Unfortunately, it happens that some USB ports have problems. Maybe you turn on your computer and your USB mouse or keyboard behaves as if it has no connection. Or nothing happens when you connect a USB stick. It could of course be a bad usb port, but there is another possible cause.

Ever since XP, Windows has included a feature called Selectable USB Disconnect. It allows the system to turn off some USB ports without affecting the others and is intended to save power by closing ports that are only used sporadically. Sometimes, however, it happens that the port does not turn on again when it is needed.usb hassle

On a desktop computer, where this kind of minimal power saving isn’t crucial, it might be smart to disable the feature – at least if you’re having problems with your USB connections.

1. Open The control panel and go to Energy alternatives.

2. click Change schedule settings at the schedule you are using.

3. click Change advanced settings.

4. Click the plus sign at USB settings and then on the plus sign at Setting for selectable disconnection.

5. Change to Disabled.

usb hassle
Disable disconnection. If a small power saving is not that important, disabling selectable disconnect can solve many usb problems.

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