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Here is the world’s smallest film – created with atoms

The computer giant IBM showed the company’s first film production yesterday. However, don’t expect to see any famous actors as the film has been shot using atoms.

The film called “A boy and his atom” is, according to IBM, the world’s smallest film and uses thousands of atoms animated using so-called stop motion technology. The film, which is just over a minute long, was created using a thin needle that moved a total of 10,000 atoms on a copper surface.

Using a microscope, the image has been magnified 100 million times. To stabilize the atoms, they were cooled down to -260 degrees during filming.

– The film’s greatest asset is perhaps not the acting performances, but that it shows in a concrete, fun and visible way what science and research can achieve, says Mikael Haglund, technical director at IBM in Sweden.

Yesterday, IBM also released a video describing how the film was made.

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