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Here is the secret mouse trick in Windows 10

Windows 10 is a big update and a big change with many real improvements. But there are also small details that no one has hardly noticed, those little nifty things that make you happy. One such is browsing inactive windows.

When you work with several program windows open at the same time, it can be really annoying to scroll the contents of the different windows up and down using the mouse wheel. In order to be able to scroll a different window than the one you are currently working in, perhaps to see some information you need, you must first change the focus by clicking in it.

And once you’ve read what you needed to, you’ll need to find your original window and make it active again in order to continue working in it. This is what Microsoft has thought of in Windows 10, where all you have to do is move the mouse pointer over another window and roll the mouse wheel. The other window may even be partially obscured. A real time-saving trick.

The function is activated by default, but should it not be, you can activate it easily.

  1. Click the start button and then click Settings.
  2. click Units.
  3. click Mouse and touchpad.
  4. Set the slider to Scroll the contents of inactive windows when I hover over them in position On.
Idle scrolling.  This setting in Windows 10 is worth its weight in gold.
Idle scrolling. This setting in Windows 10 is worth its weight in gold.

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