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Here is the code that will take you to Android’s test menu

If you thought that you are well acquainted with your Android smart phone and find your way around all its menus, you were wrong. There are things you can’t access by just clicking in the regular menus.

Namely, there is a secret test menu, where you can not only find a lot of information, for example about the status of the battery, the usage time of your apps and information about the phone. The latter also contains some editing options, so be careful what you click on.

This tip might not be the most useful you’ve read, but surely exploring the unknown is fun?

1. Open the phone app, the usual place where you make calls.

2. Enter the following on the keypad: *#*#4636#*#* (note that the numbers 4636 form the word info if you look at the letters on the number keys).

3. The menu appears automatically when you have keyed in the last character.

android test menu
Secret menu. You enter the character combination just like when you call to reach Android’s test menu.

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