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Here is Norton’s new security certificate

Verisign’s security certificate has long been a symbol of secure websites that offer encryption for payments, among other things. Now Symantec states that Verisign’s security certificate will be replaced by a new one called Norton Secured.

norton secured

In May 2010, Symantec bought Verisign for $1.28 billion (about SEK 8.5 billion). The company has since continued to use Versign security certificates as it is a well-known brand.

Now it is over and the websites that are certified will shortly receive a new security certificate to put on their website. Today, Symantec will make a formal statement in which companies launch the new Norton Secured security certificate.

According to Symantec, these security certificates play a big role in customers shopping online. A survey carried out on behalf of Symantec shows that 94 percent of respondents felt safer when they saw the Norton Secured security certificate before entering their card details.

The transition to the new safety certificate began on April 17 and will be completed on April 30. In total, half a billion websites in 170 countries use the security certificate according to Symantec.

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