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Here is Microsoft’s new Skydrive

Yesterday, Microsoft released a new version of the cloud service Skydrive, which merges the Skydrive network drive and the previous synchronization service Mesh into one and the same product.

Previously, users had access to 25 gigabytes of space on Skydrive and five gigabytes of space on Mesh. Now Skydrive instead offers seven gigabytes of space for free that can be used for both synchronizing and storing files.

cloud drive

Users who already used Skydrive and uploaded at least one file before April 22 will receive a free upgrade to 25 gigabytes on the new version of Skydrive.

Microsoft also offers users who require more to purchase additional space up to 100 gigabytes. 20 gigabytes costs SEK 69 per year, 50 gigabytes SEK 173 per year and 100 gigabytes SEK 347 per year.

The new version of Skydrive offers clients for Windows, Mac, Windows Phone, Iphone and Ipad. However, there is no client for Android and Microsoft has not mentioned whether it is in the works. Also, the new Skydrive does not work on Windows XP.

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