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Here are the names of the new apps in Windows 8

On Tuesday, Microsoft announced the official name of the apps for the new interface in Windows 8 that was previously called Metro, and after that called Modern UI. Now Microsoft has decided that apps that are adapted for the new interface will be called Windows 8 Store apps.

– What we will from now on call apps are Windows 8 Store apps, said Microsoft’s head of user experience, Will Tschumy on Tuesday at the Build conference.

Since August, Microsoft has repeatedly declined to comment on what the company will call the apps for the new interface. Microsoft stopped using the name Metro to describe the new interface in August. It was reportedly due to an alleged trademark infringement by a German retail company.

Since the removal of Metro, Microsoft has on occasion referred to Modern or Modern UI to describe the new interface.

At the launch of Windows 8 last week, Swedish Microsoft stated to PC for All that it has no official translation of the new interface, but simply calls it the Windows 8 interface or the app interface.

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