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Here are 10 free programs that will make your life easier

Pdf Xchange Viewer

You might get a lot of PDFs sent to you every day, and opening them in the browser is usually just fine. But if you want to do something more than just read them, that’s it. The free version of Pdf-Xchange Viewer opens documents faster and also allows you to make notes and markup in the text. If you need more functions, you can update your version for cheap.

Download the PDF-Xchange Viewer here: https://www.pcforalla.se/2.4476/1.251439

Handy Bits File Shredder

Information is power, they say, and what is hidden on an old hard drive can be worth its weight in gold to a new owner. You might think that simply marking a file and deleting it is enough to make it gone forever, but in that case, you’d be wrong. Shredder not only deletes the file but overwrites it up to 15 times with random data making it impossible to recover the file. For better or for worse, of course.

Download HandyBits File Shredder here: https://www.handybits.com/shredder.htm


Imagine if one of your friends needs help with their computer and you are anywhere but the office. Either you sit in hour-long conversations and try to guide them on the phone, or you take control of their computer from your own and solve the problem quickly and easily. TeamViewer is the free program that easily allows you to remotely control another computer and even transfer files to your own can anywhere in the world.

Download TeamViewer here: http://www.teamviewer.com


After a couple of years of installing and uninstalling programs, your actually fully functional computer may feel slower than the jokes on Göta Kanal 3. Then it’s time to clean the registry where remnants of the programs remain and slow down Windows. Ccleaner not only manages to clean up the registry and speed up your computer, but also cleans your internet history regardless of which browser you use.

Download Ccleaner here: https://www.pcforalla.se/ccleaner


Do you usually invite your colleagues and business contacts to beautiful Powerpoint presentations? Don’t panic if the program now happens to be missing somewhere. iSpringFree turns your presentation with animations and everything into a web-friendly flash movie that can be viewed via web browser or transferred to a USB stick and then displayed independently.

Download iSpringFree here: https://www.ispringsolutions.com/products/ispring_free.html


Sure, it’s annoying to have those files that refuse to go away and keep referring to them being used by some other program, even though you just restarted your computer and know that no program has been near the file. Now you can easily delete them with UnlockMe, a program that integrates with Windows and ends up in the right-click menu. A quick click and the seemingly invulnerable file is gone forever.

Download UnlockMe here: https://www.pcforalla.se/2.4476/1.232354


Post-it notes may be the best thing that happened to the office, but one pedantic colleague is enough for many hours of work to have disappeared into the trash. Stickies is a digital variant that offers many variations in color, size and shape. You can also set them to come up or disappear when you want and connect them to alarms so you don’t miss important events.

Download Stickies here: https://www.zhornsoftware.co.uk/stickies/index.html


Do you often get video material sent to you on DVD or CD, or use the computer to watch movies? VLC Media Player is one of the world’s most widespread free programs for viewing moving media, and the reasons are several. Not only is the program easy to use, it also plays basically all video formats and movies regardless of region code. Perfect for those who travel a lot for work and buy new movies at airports.

Download VLC here: https://www.pcforalla.se/vlc


When you save a file on a hard drive, it is distributed among free segments on the hard drive. The more you save down and delete files, the more the files will be split up. This results in longer loading times because the read head on the hard drive is forced to search longer for all parts of the file. A disk defragmenter puts all parts of the file one after the other, which speeds up file handling considerably. MyDefrag does that and much more in an easy and fast way.

Download MyDefrag here: https://mydefrag.com/

Macrium Reflect

The question is not really IF but WHEN your computer crashes. And it is precisely on those occasions that you are glad you used Macrium Reflect. The program makes backups of any folders and, perhaps more importantly, can make a backup file of your entire hard drive, saving many hours if you have to restore your entire system disk after a crash. The pro version offers even more features, but the free version will get you far.

Download Macruim Reflect here: https://www.macrium.com/reflectfree.asp

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