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Hard drive manufacturers warn of slow recovery

Western Digital is one of the hard drive manufacturers hit hardest by the ongoing floods in Thailand. Today, the company warns that it may take longer than expected before the factory is back on its feet.

The floods that began in late July caused water levels of nearly two meters in Western Digital’s factory. The water has now begun to recede and the company resumed production earlier this week at one of its three factories.

Western Digital’s CEO, John Coyne, states that a very large recovery effort is expected. Two of the company’s factories are still under water and are expected to remain so for at least another ten days.

According to Western Digital, it will only be able to deliver 120 million hard drives during the fourth quarter of the year, far below the company’s demand of 170 million units.

The shortage of hard drives worldwide has led some computer manufacturers to increase their final prices by up to 30 percent. Thailand accounts for approximately 45 percent of all hard drive manufacturing worldwide.

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