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Happy New Year – here are next year’s surprises!

We made it! We have survived financial crisis, recession, swine flu and a season of Kanal 5’s Ullared! And if we can do it, next year will be a clean holiday…
So what’s happening in 2010, you might be wondering?

Here are my 5 scouts:

  • Price reduction on broadband. Mobile broadband is taking market share from the fixed network. The suppliers who lose the most are forced to drop the price of their subscriptions – and the price squeeze circus is on.
  • Mobile computers with Google’s Android system are outselling Apple’s iPhone. Significantly lower prices, a larger selection of so-called apps, i.e. small programs, and a better variety of phones make it easy for the consumer to choose a path.
  • The first reading tablets begin to be sold in Sweden in collaboration with one of our largest booksellers. For a few hundred Swedish kroner a month, you get access to thousands of Swedish books!
  • The first truly serious wave of mobile viruses shocks the world… and its unprotected mobile users.
  • And of course – pcforalla.se breaks new visitor records and passes a quarter of a million unique visitors in one week!

Yes, as you can see, lots of new things are constantly happening in our digital world. Lots of fun new technology being launched. Lots of cool services. And some misery too in the form of viruses, fraud and breakdowns.

As you may have already seen, over the past year we have sharpened our editorial staff with several new talents and are now more ready than ever to serve you throughout 2010 with everything from daily news reporting and initiated discussions to in-depth tests and tough reviews.

Happy new computer year!

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