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Hackers: Sony has themselves to blame

Hacker George Hotz was previously sued by Sony after releasing a program that made it possible to unlock the company’s game consoles. He has a court order prohibiting him from hacking Sony products, but that doesn’t stop him from blogging about the company.

Yesterday he blogged about Sony’s latest problem where an unknown hacker managed to access personal data, and probably also shortcodes for the roughly 70 million users on the Sony Playstation Network.

– The fault lies with the managers who declared war on the hackers, and laughed at the idea that someone could break into their servers. Instead of hiring security experts, they hired lawyers, writes George Hotz in a blog post.

Hotz has also made himself known for having previously created a so-called jailbreak for the iPhone and became something of a hacker legend when Sony sued him for the measure. The battle between Sony and Hotz caused many hackers to direct their anger at the company.

However, he states that he has nothing to do with the latest attack.

– I am not crazy and I have no great desire to be visited by the FBI. Hacking a game console is cool, but hacking someone’s server and stealing user credentials is not cool, writes Hotz.

Sony’s Playstation Network has been down since Wednesday last week when hackers succeeded in an advanced breach. Sony stated earlier this week that the service is expected to be back up and running in about a week.

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