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Google image search: 4 ways to search for images

Without a doubt, Google is the search engine that most users go to when they want to do a quick search for ideas, keywords, images, sounds or anything.

But less known is that Google can also search for an image instead of keywords. Suppose you have an image on your computer and you want to see if the image is already being used by websites online. With Google, you can search for the image using the image file from your computer.

Google’s reverse image search feature allows users to upload images so that Google can analyze the image file and provide results based on the search engine’s analysis. There are three different ways to do this and we show all three:

Different ways to search with images

1. Image search

Use your browser and get to Google image search. The easiest way is to enter any search term and then click on Pictures in the search result. Now, of course, you can also search for images with keywords.

Image search

2. Upload an image

Click on the camera icon and then switch to the tab Upload an image. Use the button Browse and locate an image on your hard drive. The image is uploaded and Google displays images that look like it.

Method 1

3. Drop a picture

There is perhaps an easier way to do the same thing. Once you get to Google Image Search as per step 1, open The Explorer and find the image on your hard drive you want to search for online. Drag and drop it into the Google search bar.

Method 2

4. Search with online images

You can also search for images that are already online. In Google Chrome, right-click on the image and select Search Google for image. In other browsers, select Copy image address. Click on the camera in Google image search, paste the address and click Search by image.

Method 3

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