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Google Glass already hacked – PCforAll

The well-known hacker and developer Jay Freeman has previously made a name for himself by successfully hacking both Android and IOS. In an interview with Zdnet, he states that he has now also succeeded in hacking Google’s new cyber glasses, Google Glass.

By exploiting a technique he had previously used to hack Android 4.0.4, he managed to gain full control of the operating system. The technique is detailed in a lengthy blog post on his website.

google glass hacked
Photo: Jay Freeman

– Once an attacker gains control of Google Glass, they have full control over both the camera and the microphone that you wear on your head. The attacker has more power over you compared to if your mobile phone is hacked, writes Jay Freeman in his blog post.

According to him, the camera on the glasses could be used to record users logging into other websites or punching in door PINs, and thus has the potential to see passwords and other sensitive information.

The current version of Google Glass is the first test version and will likely be updated several times before the final version is released in about a year.

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