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Google closes 12 bugs in Chrome

Yesterday’s update from Google closes twelve bugs in Chrome, all of which have been marked as critical. Also, Google shipped an update to Flash before it was released by Adobe.

Google Chrome 7.0.517.44 contains bug fixes that, according to Google, fix serious security holes in the browser. Google has not revealed any details about the security holes until users have had time to update their browsers.

Seven months ago, Google and Adobe began a collaboration that means Google ships the latest versions of Flash in the company’s browsers. In addition, Flash is upgraded in the background to quickly plug any bugs in Flash.

Last week, Adobe confirmed a newly discovered bug in Flash that allows the creation of malicious PDF documents that can take control of a user’s computer. An update for that bug is included in the latest version of Chrome.

The latest version of Flash was also released yesterday and can be downloaded separately here.

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