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Google backs off on new tabs in Chrome

When Google released the first test version of Chrome 27 in early April, the company introduced a new type of page that appears when users open a new tab in the browser.

Unlike before, a new tab showed only the four most recently visited websites, instead of eight as in the current version of Chrome 26. In addition, Google added a large search box on top of the thumbnails of the most recently visited websites.

tabs chrome
The new design of empty tabs in Chrome was not popular with the testers.

However, Google’s plans were met with great criticism from those testing the latest test version of Chrome 27. In several of Google’s blogs and support forums, the criticism has been unequivocal from almost all testers.

The criticism grew so big that Google has now decided to back off from the new tabs and has reintroduced the original look in the latest test version of Chrome 27 that was released a few days ago.

The finished version of Chrome 27 is expected to be released sometime in May.

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