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Gartner: Then we buy more tablets than PCs

Yesterday, Gartner released a report that predicts that more tablets than PCs will be sold next year. PCs, which include both desktops and laptops, will reach 317 million units sold in 2015, according to Gartner.

Tablets, on the other hand, will increase from 256 million units sold in 2014 to 321 million units sold next year.

Sales of smartphones will also increase according to Gartner. This year, 1.86 billion units are expected to be sold, an increase from 1.8 billion units last year. Gartner believes that number will increase by five percent to 1.95 billion devices in 2015.

gardener tablets

However, Gartner believes that cheaper phones will play a big role in the growth.

– The next wave of new smartphone customers will be driven by lower prices to a greater extent instead of better features, writes Ranjit Atwal at Gartner in his report.

A previous report from Strategy Analytics states that in the first quarter of this year, Android was the leading platform among tablets with a share of 65.8 percent. IOS then accounted for 28.4 percent, followed by Windows with 5.8 percent.

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