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Game of Thrones Companion: For those who like Game of Thrones

Are you also hooked on the popular fantasy series Game of Thrones? As usual in fantasy series – and especially those based on books, there are a plethora of characters, places, clans and creatures to keep track of. The app Game of Thrones Companion is a mobile encyclopedia of all this, suitable for those who think that information would be convenient to have in their pocket. The app draws its factual material from Wikipedia and A Wiki of Ice and Fire.

The texts are exhaustive but a little more visual material besides the maps would have been nice. The most interesting thing is probably the “spoiler setting” which helps you regulate how much information you want. That way, if you just want to follow the TV series, for example, you don’t risk finding out too much in advance. There are, after all, five books published in the series. To date.

Price: SEK 7 (Android) SEK 28 (Iphone)

Download here for Android

Download here for iPhone

Before you download an app, remember to read the box about what information on your mobile the app gets access to. If it sounds unacceptable, it may be wise not to install the app. Also feel free to take a look at the user reviews.

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