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The cloud is the hottest thing in the IT world right now. Instead of installing the programs on our own computers, we run them directly through the browser.
The security company Panda is now launching “the world’s first free antivirus program in the cloud”.

However, unlike other cloud software, Cloudantivirus, as the program is called, requires you to install it on your computer. From the user’s perspective, the difference to other free antivirus programs is quite small.

The revolutionary thing is instead that the virus definitions themselves are not on your own computer but “in the cloud”. If the program finds a virus, it is thus sent to the Internet to be identified and eliminated.

However, the technical differences are not something that the user really needs to care about. However, we can state that the program slows down the computer minimally. It is also simple and easy to use.
The interface, which is in Swedish, is extremely stripped down and since the program is in the background, you never really have to think about it. In the American PC Magazine, it received the Editors’ Choice award.

Now Panda is not alone in using cloud technology. The competitor Prevx has the same build, and it too was rated well by PC Magazine. However, it is not in Swedish.

Both programs are free for individuals.


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