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Flash disk from Mx-Nano breathes life into your laptop

Is your laptop a little tired? The memory may not be enough for modern applications and hard drives are, as they usually are in laptops – slow. The requirements for low power consumption take their toll in notebook computers. But there is modern technology to use in the form of flash drives.

Mach Xtreme Technologies has announced a new flash drive, the Mx-Nano, which has both the right format (1.8 inches) and the right interface (parallel ata) to be suitable for upgrading older laptops and giving them a little extra speed.

The disk has a well-sized flash memory of 256 megabytes and the two largest disks can handle reading and writing speeds of 120 and 90 megabytes per second, respectively. Compared to the fastest flash drives intended for desktop computers, this is quite slow, but if you compare it to the mechanical hard drive before the shell of your laptop, it is significantly faster.

The Mx-Nano will be available with storage capacities of 30, 60, 120 and 240 gigabytes.

No price and launch date has yet been set.

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