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Fix funny pictures for the website – completely free of charge

Sometimes you probably wish you could redo a picture so it looks different. You might want a cube, a cylinder or a glass sphere, but you don’t consider yourself a Photoshop specialist.

The image may be used for a logo, for an advertisement, on your website or for some other purpose. Then you can use a free web tool that helps you distort the image to the desired appearance. You can choose from different image effects such as a cube or a glass cube, a disk, a wave, a sphere, a glass or stone ball, a cylinder and a transparent globe.

  1. Prepare the image you want to use.
  2. Go to this web page.
  3. Click on the desired image effect.
  4. click Browse.
  5. Locate your image.
  6. Select image size. 600×600 is max.
  7. click Send to the Image Embellisher.
  8. click Download to download your new image.
Different picture
Different image. Sometimes it’s time for a funny picture that might not be so easy to create yourself.

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