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Festive Defense of the Kingdom – PCforAll

Kingdom Rush is one of the best fantasy-themed tower defense games, and is available both for iPhone and as an add-on to the Google Chrome browser if you want to try it on your regular computer. The most delicious is the HD version for Ipad.

You start with four different towers (containing archers, soldiers magic and artillery) and can buy dozens of new ones with different weapons during the course of the campaign. New types of enemies (orcs, wolves, high priests, berserks, giants and bandits etc) are constantly added, and the villages you have to defend are very varied. It is also challenging.

Add to this epic boss fights, access to raining fireballs and the ability to purchase heroes, and the game becomes very hard to put down.

Download to Ipad (22 kroner, HD)

Download to iPhone (7 kroner)

Install as an extension in Google Chrome (Free)

More apps at pcforalla.se/appar

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