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Facebook’s new trick: Whatsapp shares your phone number to tailor ads

It has been two years since Facebook bought the messaging service Whatsapp. Now the latter service is changing parts of its user policy to, among other things, enable the exchange of data between the services.

No, your Whatsapp messages will not appear on your Facebook wall or your contacts’ feeds. However, the app shares your user data in the background, including your phone number. Partly to tailor Facebook ads, but also to recommend new contacts between the services.

This despite the fact that Whatsapp has repeatedly claimed to protect the privacy of its users.

The new policy is explained in a blog post on the company’s website. There, Whatsapp lets you know, among other things, how the changes in the future can simplify communication between Whatsapp users and various companies. Examples include recipes, package tracking and advertising.

But they also assure that the Whatsapp experience remains spam-free, even going forward. In addition, messages between users are still encrypted and thus cannot be read by a third party.

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