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Facebook tests new gossip function – PCforAlla

According to Forbes, Facebook is currently testing a new feature that should make it easier to see when multiple friends are discussing the same topic. For example, if two people make a post about a celebrity, the friends’ posts will be grouped on top of each other.

The function is so far only being tested on a small scale and it is not yet clear what kind of information will be linked together. According to Forbes, Facebook is considering linking information from Wikipedia into posts that talk about a certain topic.

It’s not just people’s posts that will be grouped with the new feature, groups on Facebook that mention the same topic will be grouped together as shown in the image below.

According to Facebook, the idea with the new function is to make it easier to distinguish all the information that is published on the service so that it will be easier to get a better overview.

It is not yet known when the feature will be introduced.

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