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“Facebook ignores app for Windows 8”

The technology blog Venturebeat reported yesterday that Twitter is currently developing an app for Windows 8. Venturebeat then took the opportunity to also ask Facebook if the company is developing an app.

Facebook announces that the company does not develop apps other than for IOS and Android, and as for Windows 8, it is on Microsoft’s table.

– We only develop our own apps for IOS and Android. You should check with Microsoft about everything related to Windows 8, Facebook tells Venturebeat.

Microsoft would not confirm or deny whether an app for Facebook is in the works, instead issuing the following statement:

– We are very excited about the quality and quantity of all apps in the Windows Store. New apps are added every day. If you have questions about a specific app, however, you should contact the developer directly, says Microsoft to Venturebeat.

According to Venturebeat, there are three likely scenarios surrounding the case.

  1. Facebook ignores Windows 8 completely
  2. Facebook is secretly developing an app for Windows 8
  3. Microsoft is developing an app for Windows 8, because Facebook doesn’t want to put any resources into it

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