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Easiest way to find and use templates in Word 2007

A Word template is a file that gives you control over how your documents should be designed. For example, you can decide how big the margins should be and you can decide which fonts and sizes should be used.

In a template, it is also possible to insert a logo in the header and address information in the footer.

In other words, for anyone who works together with others, Word templates are a perfect way to make the job easier and ensure that all documents are the same. This is good, for example, if you are going to create a special letterhead for your association or your company.

In old versions of Word it was quite easy to find your Word templates, but in recent versions it has become more difficult. How to use.

1. CREATE A WORD TEMPLATE. Create a completely normal Word document and design it the way you want it. Add pictures, texts and other things that should be included. When you’re done, click Officeicon (top left) and select Save as Word template.

When you want to use your Word template, click Officeicon and select New. Now you will come to a box where you can choose between ready-made templates and ones you have created yourself. Select the one you want to use and click Create.

3. LINK A DOCUMENT. This has become a bit more complicated. Click on the Office icon and select Word options, Addition. During Manage do you choose Templates and clicks on OK. Now a box opens where you connect the document with the template.

4. FIND THE TEMPLATES. If you have an old template, it’s easiest to put it in Word’s templates folder. click Officebutton, Word options, Advanced. click Search paths and double-click Document templatesand you will see where they are.

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