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E-books may soon become cheaper: The government wants to lower the digital VAT

In December, the European Commission proposed that the member states themselves should have the opportunity to decide on reduced digital VAT for digital magazines, newspaper websites and e-books. A reduction from 25 to 6 percent, more precisely, which would bring VAT down to the same level as for printed media.

Sweden’s government has picked up the slack, and writes in a debate article in DN that it will actively work to ensure that the EU Commission’s proposal becomes a reality as soon as possible. Then the possibilities for this reduction in Sweden will be immediately reviewed, write Finance Minister Magdalena Andersson (S) and Culture Minister Alice Bah Kuhnke (MP).

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“It is a strange anomaly that if the media companies print a news item on paper, they only pay 6 percent in VAT, but if it is published digitally, they have to pay 25 percent. Anyone can understand that this works against rather than favors the digital transition.” write the two ministers.

When the European Commission’s proposal will become a reality is still unclear.

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