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Dustin saves customers’ passwords – in clear text

In a forum post on the technology blog Sweclockers, a user stated that Dustin’s staff can see all customers’ passwords to their accounts on the online store. The discovery was made after Dustin’s staff commented on a customer’s password in a phone call.

– When I spoke to your support today, the support person commented that my password looked randomly generated (I was supposed to log in and apparently hadn’t changed it since I reset it) whereupon I asked “Huh?! Can you see my password?”, “Yep” he replied, and didn’t seem to think there was anything strange about it, writes a user who calls himself Lefteyet on Sweclocker’s forum.

However, Dustin was quick to comment on the task and apologize to the user for what happened. According to Dustin, the company is replacing its business system shortly and the new system promises better security.

– Hello! It’s bad, it’s really bad. We are aware of this and we are now working on replacing our business system. This will be clear shortly. Then the user-friendliness and, above all, the security will be much better. I can’t help but regret that it looks the way it does now, but I promise you that we are working on it, and we will have a good system shortly, states a representative of Dustin on the Sweclocker forum.

Dustin’s response was met with several angry reactions from users. You can find the entire conversation here.

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