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Drunk drivers should be hanged on Twitter

A local district attorney in Texas has ordered that anyone arrested for drunk driving between Christmas Eve and New Year’s will have their names published on Twitter. In this way, the district attorney hopes that people will refrain from driving under the influence of alcohol.

– It’s not a magic bullet that will put an end to drunk driving, but it might make a lot of people think before they get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol, says District Attorney Warren Diepraam.

The information about people who are arrested for drunk driving is public information and many newspapers in the USA publish the names of people who are arrested. However, critics believe that using Twitter to publish the names is taking the matter too far.

– A person who is arrested is still innocent until the contrary can be proven. If it turns out that someone who is innocent has been outed on Twitter, Warren Diepraam will then post a public apology on Twitter, defense attorney Paul Kennedy writes on his blog.

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