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Details: Microsoft on the way to overhaul the Windows app store

A new, fresh design language and increased accessibility for both developers and users. That is Microsoft’s goal when, according to data from Windows Central, they invest in a makeover of the Microsoft Store. The publication describes Microsoft’s current app store as “slow, unintuitive and ugly”, but that the upcoming design changes will do a lot to change that.

Windows 10, as previously noted, appears to be getting a major facelift with this fall’s 21H2 update, Sun Valley. By all accounts, Microsoft does not want to leave its app store there, but the Store will, according to Windows Central, adopt the new look. But the ambitions do not seem to stop at a new layout. In the future, Microsoft will have plans for monthly updates to make the Store keep pace with the rest of the operating system.

Several news for developers are also said to be in the works, which should make it easier to develop and maintain apps and programs adapted for the Store. One of the biggest news could be support for own revenue platforms inside the programs, and where Microsoft, according to Windows Central’s sources, will not take any share of the money earned.

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