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Crysis 2: Hard action in the big city jungle

It’s been just over three years since the first Crysis game was released and received a well-deserved 9:ai rating in PC for All issue 1/08. After a fully approved expansion pack, Crysis Warhead, it’s now time for the sequel Crysis 2.

Most of Crysis 2 is largely unchanged from the first game; Super cool graphics, lots of cool weapons that you can configure to your liking, both human and alien enemies and of course your Nanosuit, the suit with superpowers that makes you extra strong, fast, invisible and more (In Crysis 2 you can also upgrade and configure your Nanosuit so it fits your playstyle better).

Fine tune. You can upgrade your Nanosuit so that it is tailored to the way you play..

The big difference is the environment in which the adventure takes place. Instead of a jungle on a South Sea island, Crysis 2 takes place in the metropolitan jungle, namely in Manhattan in New York. A Manhattan attacked by aliens and unlike the Manhattan you are used to.

Awesome environments
On the whole, Crysis 2 handles the move from the dense vegetation of the South Sea island to streets and skyscrapers (and Central Park, of course) gallantly. The environments are beautiful and cool, the battles are intense and just like before, your Nanosuit’s abilities give you great tactical freedom of choice. In almost every battle, you can choose whether to turn on extra cover and engage the enemies head-on, or turn invisible and sneak past without attracting attention. Many times this tactical freedom of choice actually works even better than in the previous game.

Tough resistance. Sometimes it’s wiser to hide and sneak up than to fight.

However, one thing has unfortunately become a little worse with the environmental change; Crysis 2 is more linear than its predecessor. Where before you could get back and forth across the island, this time you are often pushed forward along the streets by an invisible hand. It is certainly nicely done and there is also a point in not getting lost in the hunt for the next battle, but the freedom of movement from the first game is nevertheless missing.

In addition, the story this time feels a bit tired and unengaging and the whole thing becomes more action than action adventure.

Manhattan. The environments in Crysis 2 are really nice and cool.

Good thing the battles are as intense as they are! Especially during the second half of the game, the adrenaline is pumping pretty much non-stop, even if the game’s artificial intelligence for the aliens is not the sharpest. And once the campaign is played through, you’ll be treated to plenty more action in the game’s excellent multiplayer.

Crysis 2 is a worthy sequel and will not disappoint any action fan.

Plus: Great tactical freedom of choice. Stylish and cool environments. Intense battles.
Minus: Boring story. A little too linear.
Grade: (8 out of 10)

Category: Action.
Publisher/Contact: Electronic Arts, www.electronicarts.se
PC system requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7, Intel Core 2 Duo 2 GHz processor, 2 GB RAM, 3D card with 512 MB RAM, DVD reader.
Multiplayer mode: Yes.
Language: English.
Age recommendation: 18 years.
Approx price: SEK 450.

Plus: Great tactical freedom of choice. Stylish and cool environments. Intense battles.
Minus: Boring story. A little too linear.
Grade: (8 out of 10)

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