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Sometimes it can be very useful to have a list of all files located in a folder in Explorer. Maybe it’s music files or pictures that you want to print a list of. Or you want to email a list of all files in a folder to someone.
The needs can be many.

This can be arranged really smartly, so that you just need to right-click on a folder and select Folder list for clipboard in the menu. Then you have your folder list in the Windows clipboard and can paste it wherever you want – in a word processor or an email, for example.
However, it does require you to go in and make changes to the system registry, so if you’re worried about using the Registry Editor, you might want to avoid it.

Once you’ve gone through the four steps, at any time you can right-click on a folder in Explorer and select Folder list for clipboard. Then just paste where you want.

How to add a right click option to fix folder lists

list command windows
1. The registry editor.
click Startbutton (right-click in Windows 8) and select Drive. Write regedit and click on OK. That starts the Registry Editor. In the folder tree on the left, click your way to the key (the folders are called that) HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTFoldershell.

list command windows
2. New keys. Right click on the selected key and select New, Key. Name the key Folder list. Right click on the new key and select New, Key again. Name the new key Command.

list command windows
3. Create command. Double-click the value Standard under the key Folder list. Enter Folder list for clipboard or any short description that suits you better (this is the text that then ends up in the right-click menu).
list command windows
4. Create action.
Double-click the value Standard under the key Command. Enter cmd /c dir/b /a:-d /o:n “%1” | clips (the vertical stroke is called vertical stroke and is achieved with the key combination Alt Gr + <). Close the Registry Editor when you’re done. Clear!

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