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Corsair sharpens performance – PCforAll

In the middle of last month, Gskill raised the bar for ddr memory modules to 2500 megahertz with its Trident module. Now Corsair’s Dominator GTX4 takes over the leader’s jersey, with a clock frequency of 2,533 megahertz. The sharp single-swap modules are built from hand-selected memory chips and equipped with Corsair’s well-sized DHX+ heatsink. Corsair recommends supplementing the memory with the company’s Airflow 2 GTL cooler to keep it cool.

In the US, a pair of modules goes for $325, and the cooler costs $35, about $260, if you order it from the memory manufacturer’s webshop. But you can probably count on bigger performance gains if you spend the money on a faster processor or a faster graphics card.

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