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Continued sluggish growth for Windows 8

April was a gloomy month for Microsoft, both Windows 8’s and Windows XP’s shares remained at almost exactly the same levels as the month before. This is shown by the latest figures from the measurement company Net Applications.

During April, Windows 8’s shares went up by just over half a percentage point, roughly the same modest increase as in March. As in previous months, Windows 8 is growing more slowly than Windows Vista did during the same time period when it was released in 2007.

windows 8 shares xp

Windows 8 had a share of 4.2 percent in April, up from 3.6 percent the month before. The figures also include Windows RT.

The poor growth of Windows 8 was not the only bad news for Microsoft last month. Windows XP refuses to go away, experiencing only half a percentage point decline over the period.

Phasing out Windows XP has the highest priority at Microsoft as the twelve-year-old operating system will be retired on April 8 next year. During April, Windows XP accounted for 42.2 percent of all Windows installations worldwide.

Windows 7 remained at the same figures as the month before with a share of 48.7 percent. Vista fell slightly and accounted for five percent of all Windows versions during April.

Net Applications’ figures are based on measurements from approximately 40,000 websites worldwide.

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