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Cloudflare launches free vpn for mobiles

Cloudflare is an American company that deals with the infrastructure of the Internet. It operates a so-called content delivery network that helps large sites reach the whole world with locally cached versions, avoid ddos ​​attacks and speed up connections. You may have encountered Cloudflare if you tried to go to a site and were forced to fill in a captcha before you could proceed.

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On April 1 last year, the company launched a consumer-oriented open dns service with the addresses and, as a challenger to Google’s dns and your ISP’s own.

Yesterday was the time again: Cloudflare launched yet another new consumer service on April Fool’s Day and, as usual, it was no April Fool’s joke. The new service is called Warp and is a free vpn that is initially available for Android and IOS but will get versions for computers at a later date.

Cloudflare writes in a long blog post about the service that they can make it free because it hooks into the company’s existing network of servers and barely makes any difference to the cost of running them. Later, a premium version with even higher speeds and a version for businesses will also be launched, both of which will be paid services.

On the technical level, Warp is also interesting as Cloudflare has chosen to use the new VPN protocol Wireguard instead of openvpn or ikev2/ipsec.

Warp is included as a component of the app for Android and IOS and is being rolled out gradually to users queuing in the app.

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