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Chrome is testing a new way to display browsing history

Google Chrome may in the future get a new tool for viewing your browsing history called “Memories”, reports 9to5Google. The latest version of Chrome Canary and Chrome OS Canary then contains a functional version of Memories which, purely visually, is largely reminiscent of the current history function in Chrome.

Chrome’s Memories page discovered shows history from the day as well as the previous four days in a more condensed format with the various web pages visited, rather than everything visited in chronological order. At the top of each day, you can also see some of the Google searches made during the day. Memories also has its own search function that can be used to search the history.

The development of Memories still seems to be at an early stage, so the feature will presumably not appear in the standard version of Chrome until Chrome 92, which is expected to be released only in the summer.

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