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China: Online gaming leads to violence and drugs

China’s state news agency accuses popular online games of being behind problems such as drugs, violence and teenage pregnancy. Above all, it is games that contain excessive violence that China considers harmful to the country’s youth.

In a youth prison outside Beijing, up to 80 percent of inmates are youths who have committed crimes related to online gambling, a Chinese news agency said.

Many crimes are committed because the young people are addicted to their gambling and need money to be able to afford to gamble more. Some youths have gone so far as to commit robbery and murder in order to continue their gambling.

In the past year, Chinese authorities have shut down a variety of gaming sites that are considered harmful to young people.

China has the largest number of internet users in the world with over 338 million people online. A study conducted by Chinese authorities shows that 210 million of these internet users play online games regularly.

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