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Do you have good knowledge of English? Do you keep up with popular culture? Are you quick-witted and generally educated? Then it’s worth a try You don’t know Jack, the social quiz game that mixes advanced puns with quirky humor, but always with a twinkle in its eye. I played this on PC back in 1996 and it keeps popping up in new competitive variants.

In this version, the moment “Gibberish question” returns, where a sentence that appears to be pure gallimattias gives you a clue as to what the correct answer is. For example, if it says: “Pre-empt Tires, Like Crack” then the correct answer is “The Empire Strikes Back”. Tricky, right?

Other competition elements are Funky Trash (identify the celebrity) Jack Attack (connect the clue to the correct answer, you are punished if you choose wrong) and Dis or Dat (when you have to choose between different options).

You can challenge both friends and strangers.

Download for Android (Free)

Download for IOS (Free)

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